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Who We Are

AMICUS, the Latin word for friend, is Intermountain Research & Medical Foundation's unique membership organization.

Annual membership dues and volunteer efforts support ongoing medical research and education throughout the greater Salt Lake area, as well as offer many wonderful benefits to members.

Our Mission

To Support the mission of Intermountain Research & Medical Foundation by:

  • Providing "Friend Making" and "Fund-Raising".
  • Identifying and involving community leaders as advocates in the support of medical research and education.
  • Communicating the role of the hospitals of Intermountain Healthcare's Urban Central Region as preeminent health care resources for the community.


AMICUS Board of Trustees

Rob Corcoran – President        

Nathan Anderson                     
 Scot Olson

Dale Darling                            Troy Olson

Kandace Dato                          Ralph Pahnke

David Grauer                           Jessica Peterson

Bryan Johnson                         Andrew Rigby

Blair Kent                               Taylor Scalley 

Clark Morzelewski                    Jim Sheets

Brian Murphy                           Jan Wells

Pat Ninomiya                           Christine Whipple

Barbara Ohm