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Family of a former employee makes a gift in her memory

Beverly Maestas

Beverly Maestas

The Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation recently received a gift in memory of Beverly Maestas, a former LDS Hospital employee. Beverly died in a car accident last July at the age of 22. At the time of her death she was a patient care assistant in the oncology unit, where she had been working for nearly three years.

"Beverly had two uncles who died of cancer," says Beverly's mother, Mary. "She was so affected by their deaths that she wanted to work with cancer patients. She loved and cherished all of her patients and treated them like they were part of her own family."

Beverly was participating in the Foundation's payroll deduction contribution program at the time of her death. "We were so touched by the fact that Beverly was making these contributions," Mary says. "That was really a sacrifice for her, but she was just always thinking of others, and how she could help." So Gilbert and Mary Maestas decided to make a contribution to the Foundation in their daughter's memory. "We wanted to give something to honor Beverly's memory. We miss her very much and don't want anyone to forget her."

"Beverly was always happy and worked hard to make those around her happy, including her patients," says Barb Adams, manager of the BMT/acute leukemia unit. "She lit up the room when she entered. Beverly had a positive influence on her fellow staff members. We all miss her."

The Maestas family's contribution will carry on Beverly's legacy of giving to others, whether they were family, friends, her patients or complete strangers. "We're very grateful to the Maestas family for their generosity," says Lori Piscopo, the Foundation's Chief Development Office. "Their gift will help improve the lives of others, and is a thoughtful way to memorialize Beverly."