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New Advances in Psychiatry
Reid Robison, MD

Golfing into Your 90's
Barry Olson, Dale Aguirre
and Rebecca Rick

Scott Hansen, MD

Is Gluten-Free Right for You?
Kary Woodruff, RD

Intermountain Research &
Medical Foundation's
Holiday Quilt Show and Auction

 2012 March 29th
A New Understanding of Hip Pain in 
A Younger Generation 
Hugh West, MD & Jennifer Marland, DP
July 26th 
The Genetics of Heart Disease
John Carlquist, PhD


November 1st
Lifeflight: Creating a Legacy Frank Thomas, MD  


April 28th
Ultrasound Movies of the Heart to
Guide Treatment in Patients with Sepsis
Colin Grissom, MD

July 28th
Narcotic Addiction: We All Have a Role in Prevention
Jay T. Bishoff, MD, FACS 

October 29th - November 3rd 
Intermountain Research & Medical Foundation's Holiday Quilt Show 


 April 29th
Vitamin D Deficiency & Cardiovascular
Disease: A Potentially Unmet Need
J. Brent Muhlestein, MD

 July 29th
Health Reform: Impact on Utah and Intermountain
Greg Poulsen, Sr VP Strategy


October 7th
Extending Your Warranty on Life
Ted Adams, PhD, MPH 


 April 30th
Becoming Resilient During Difficult Times
Terri Anne Flint, PhD, LCSW

 July 30th
National Healthcare Outlook, Reform 2009
Greg Poulsen, Sr VP Strategy

 October 8th
Your Digestive Health
Holly Clark, MD & Suzanne Daly, MD