Heritage Society Dinner

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Heritage Society Members

Thank You:

Ingrid K. Adams*

P. William and Nancee C. Madsen

Ida Bagley*

Richard H.* and Doralee D. Madsen

David L. and Helen Beardshall

Robert A. and Caroline S. Madsen

T. Addison* and Marilyn Bennion

Dr. Ned L. and Alene P. Mangelson

B. Lue* and Hope* Bettilyon

Dr. Hiram W. Marshall*

Trustees of The Bonnemort Family Foundation

Ludgardis Marxr*

Dr. Hal H. and Cynthia Bourne

Dr. Webster L Marxer*

Dr. Robert H.* and Marianne H. Burgoyne

Spencer C.* and Barbara* McMurdie

Edwin and Joyce C. * Caplin

Dr. John C. and Linda B. Nelson

Frederick Winton Champ*

Frank B. * and Carolyn L Newman

A. Lee Christensen*

Keith C. and Beverly C. Nielsen

Thomas and Joan Christensen

Richard F. and Betty T. North

Boyd H. * and Mildred* Clark

The Trustees of The Okland Family Foundation

Alan M. and Mindy Jo Collier

J. Randy and Sandra E. Okland

Myrne M. Collier

Barbara Parish

Dr. Donald B. and Cheryl J. Doty

Dr. S. Keith and Barbara C. Petersen

Laura L. Falk

Melissa Phillips

Sandra Fitzgerald*

Robert and Lori T. Piscopo

J. Craig and Pamela D. Gilbert

Drs. Henry P. and Agnes M. Plenk

David R. Hanson

Michael J. and Patricia A. Pretti

Richard H. * and Mary Headlee

R. Phillip and Linda P. Rasmussen

Dr. Richard M. and Barbara C. Hebertson

Ben E. * and Mary Louise Rawlings

Jack B. Holmstrom

Alvin and Helene Richer

Katharine J. Howells

Dr. C. DuWayne and Alice Schmidt

Hruska Foundation

Timothy Schreffler*

Dr. Kent W. Jones

Clara “Peggy” Sears*

Reid L. and Barbara D. Jones

W. Claude and Marsha K. Smith

Hans—Juergen Keutel*

Jay D. Southwick

Arland L. Larsen

R. Sterling and Marilyn F. Spafford

Gary S. Lazerus

Dr. Samuel F. *  and Ruth E. * Thomas

Chris and LeeAnne Linderman

Marilyn Thorne

James B.* and Lynnette Loveland

Dr. Lindell and Mary Weaver

Francis A. and Constance C. Madsen

Clayton R. and Elaine S. Williams