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The success of the quilt show & auction depends on the quilt donations we receive. Please consider donating a quilt for the upcoming auction, either as an individual or as a group.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...


Quilt Top

  • Fabric should be woven using natural fibers: cotton, wool or silk.
  • Fabrics MUST be pre-washed. We have problems every year with quilts bleeding.
  • Piecework may be done by machine or by hand.
  • Appliqué should be done by hand or invisible machine appliqué method.


  • Border should complement and enhance the overall pattern.


  • Backing should be the same quality of fabric as the top.
  • Pieced back is acceptable.


  • High quality batts should be used to allow fine hand quilting.
  • Polyester, cotton/poly and 100% cotton are acceptable.
  • High loft batts should be avoided.


  • All quilting MUST be done by hand. No machine quilting accepted.
  • Marking should be unobtrusive and knots should be hidden.
  • No tied quilts.


  • Binding should be securely stitched and hand finished.
  • Binding should be appropriate for the design of the quilt.

Copyright Laws

  • If choosing a pattern from a book or a published pattern that indicates the designs are copyrighted, please contact the publisher of the book or the designer of the pattern.
  • Ask permission to make the quilt, explaining the purpose of the quilt.
  • The source of the quilt should be noted on your History Form and on the quilt label. Sleeve
  • A permanent 4” sleeve is required for all wall hanging quilts.
  • Note: It would be greatly appreciated if a temporary 4” sleeve could be attached to all other quilts that could be easily removed after the quilt is sold.


  • Antique
  • New
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Wall Hanging
  • Sofa or Throw
  • Baby Quilt Sizes
  • King 108” x 108”
  • Queen 92” x 108”
  • Double 86” x 101”
  • Twin 71” x 101”

Note: Design your large quilts to fit a bed!  

NOTICE: The Holiday Quilt Show & Auction Executive Board reserves the right to determine the suitability and acceptance of the donated quilts for the Show & Auction. If you are considering a quilt of unusual origin, fabric design or construction, please contact a member of the Executive Board.