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Past Legacy of Life Honorees


2014     Most Reverend John Charles Wester

​2013     Les and Reva Olson Family

2012     Gail Miller

2011     Dieter F. Uchtdorf

2010     Bruce T. Reese

2009     Kent H. Murdock

2008     M. Russell Ballard

2007     James L. Sorenson

2006     Kem C. Gardner

2005     Thomas S. Monson

2004     Earl and Carol Holding

2003     William H. and Patricia W. Child

2002     Neal A. Maxwell

2001     Larry H. Miller

2000     Roy W. Simmons

1999     Michael O. Leavitt

1998     Gordon B. Hinckley

1997     George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

1996     Rex E. Lee

1995     Willem J. Kolff, MD, PhD

1994     Jon M. Huntsman

1993     Russell M. Nelson, MD, PhD

1992     James O. Mason, MD

1991     Homer R. Warner, MD, PhD​