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New diagnostic tools and medical advances increase accuracy and efficiency; they shorten recovery times, and improve overall treatment results.

Current Opportunities for Funding

Televisions for the Emergency Department

Studies have shown that the satisfaction of a patient is an important issue in Emergency care; increasing patient satisfaction in the emergency room can increase the utilization of that department significantly. A simple item such as a television in the waiting room or patient room can decrease patient anxiety and tension and increase patient satisfaction with the entire visit. The Emergency Department at Intermountain Medical Center is attempting to raise funds to equip their emergency department’s waiting rooms and patient rooms with televisions to increase the overall experience for each of the patients who are treated there.

Cameras in the NICU

These cameras provide a unique bonding experience for parents or family members with babies in the NICU. Through real-time viewing of the infant, over a secure network, parents can view their baby anytime they are unable to be with their baby.

Recently Funded Equipment and Projects

Rehabilitation Van for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

The Rehabilitation Department, after years of seeking funds, has been able to secure a van that is able to transport patients recovering from spinal cord injuries. The department was previously using a 20-year-old van, which was unreliable and often non-functional, to say the least. The new van will greatly assist in the rehabilitation of patient and aid in their reintegration into the community.  

Digisonics Echocardiography Analysis System

This system will be used for analysis of ultrasound images of the heart obtained for research purposes. The advantage of this system is that it accepts images from any type of ultrasound machine and allows the scientists to make all the necessary measurements for research. The capability of the Digisonics echocardiography analysis system allows our research group in critical care to perform the responsibilities where all ultrasound studies of the heart are interpreted for a large multicenter and international clinical trial of sepsis.

Healing Wall - LDS Hospital

The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at LDS Hospital has created a Healing Wall, which encourages patients to write inspiring messages, draw pictures, or express themselves in a creative way.

4-Head Teaching Microscope

This type of microscope is important in the training of new employees and student medical technologist. When the teacher and three students are able to view the same specimen at the same time, teaching time is cut in half. This microscope will increase the quality of training for students and employees.