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New diagnostic tools and medical advances increase accuracy and efficiency; shorten recovery times, and improve overall treatment results.

Recently Funded Equipment and Projects

3-D Digital Breast Mammography at Alta View Hospital

3-D breast mammography allows radiologists to isolate dense tissue, producing a very clear picture of the breast structure. This helps reduce the number of false positives that require women to have unnecessary follow-up mammograms and biopsies. It also helps radiologists find cancerous growths much earlier--even growths as small as two millimeters.  

Balance Testing Equipment

Clinicians can test balance with computerized dynamic posturography, a non-invasive technique that measures how well a patient maintains balance under different conditions. It can also be used to determine the source of the balance problem. This testing is available through Intermountain's Hearing and Balance Center.

Ultrasound Machine for the Emergency Department at Intermountain Medical Center

This transportable ultrasound unit can be relocated throughout the department for bedside evaluation.