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Intermountain Healthcare Employees:

Brent James, MD

“Our first mission is to take care of patients; but, more than that to cut new ground, to find new ways of making it much, much better. Frankly, the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation, has made that real. Philanthropy has been critical to our successes from the day we started. People with vision, not just, of what we are, but of what we could be; not just, how we live, but how we could live. We count our successes in lives. You’re not just investing in the lives of friends and neighbors, you’re investing in lives you’ll never see, and that has some real impact.”

Robert Christensen, MD

“The Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation was just terrific for us. With just a modest amount of money, they can partner with us in making this solution [for our babies]. I do not know how we would have gotten to this part had it not been for the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation. Relatively small amounts of funding, can take an idea, and improve the care of the babies.”

Larry Hancock

"A tremendous amount of work and effort has gone on in the foundation for the last 40 years... to help the Salt Lake Valley hospitals of Intermountain Healthcare, especially the development of medical research which directly benefits the community. These funds truly go to a worthy cause."