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​We began with a goal to raise enough money for desperately needed hospitals. We've grown through expanding those hospitals, providing needed medical equipment and supplies, and helping ensure access to quality healthcare for all residents of Utah County. We continue to search out healthcare needs in the community and meet them. Our future of giving and serving continues to be bright.

1937 - The cooperation of generous citizens, the school board and the city of American Fork allows for the creation of American Fork Hospital.

1939 - Funds raised by more than 4,000 citizens go toward the creation of the original Provo Hospital.

1940s - Additions are made to Provo Hospital, again a community effort.

1950 - Continued expansion of the hospital in Provo made by generous donors.

1975 - Intermountain Healthcare created, and charged to operate the hospitals formerly owned by the LDS Church.

1981 - Orem Community Hospital is created.

1998 - The Guest House at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is funded by philanthropy.

1999 - Utah Valley Regional Medical Center new expansion is completed.

2001 - The Pediatric Rehab Center at Orem Community Hospital is provided by because of community support.

2002 - American Fork Hospital new expansion completed.

2006 - The Trauma Center at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is supported philanthropically.
          ​- The Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer Center at American Fork Hospital is funded by community support.

2013 - Level II Nursery at Orem Community Hospital opens.
          - Expansion of NICU at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center completed.