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You have the tools to fight heart disease

It’s never too late to start preventing heart problems. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women and men in the United States every year, but you have the power to prevent becoming part of that statistic.

We want women – and all the people they care about – to understand the importance of living a heart healthy lifestyle. Rather than needing emergency, life-saving procedures in the future, we want everyone to understand they have the resources to prevent heart disease in the first place. Being active and eating right are two of the most powerful things people can do to keep their heart healthy.

But if a damaged heart is in need of repair, Utah Valley Heart & Vascular Services provides nationally recognized care. Money raised from the Race for Red will be used to help fund a new Heart Center of Excellence – a center that will put the latest in diagnostic and treatment options all under one roof.

About heart disease

Heart care from Utah Valley Heart & Vascular Services at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is designed to meet the needs of heart patients through a team approach of coordinated care that is provided by highly skilled doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, social workers and exercise therapists. This team, combined with the latest in advanced technology, helps us to provide the best care to our patients.

As a system, Intermountain Healthcare treats more heart patients and physicians perform more heart procedures at our hospitals than all other Utah healthcare organizations combined. Learn about Intermountain's system-wide approach.