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From Grateful Patients

Family Guest House a Blessing to Couple

Alma Richins and Edythe Larson are very grateful the Utah Valley Regional Family Guest House is available for their use. Residing more than 100 miles from Provo, they first stayed at the guest house in 2000 when Edythe was receiving cancer treatments, and were back in 2011 for Alma’s chemotherapy. 

“We appreciate the security and comfort of the guest house," Edythe said. "We meet others in the common area and exchange stories. Everyone understands. We are going through a lot, but others are too.”

Alma expressed his appreciation for the time saved in travel and the homey atmosphere the guest house offers. With the late 2010 dining area and kitchen remodel at the Guest House funded by, Edythe is now able to prepare small meals in the evenings and not worry about crossing the street to visit the café.