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Mother/Baby Expansion at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

Utah County has the highest birth rate of any county in the nation and one of the youngest populations. As a referral center for neonates (babies requiring intensive care services), the NICU occupancy in 2010 was 105% and 2011 saw that increase to an average of 115% while maintaining a very high level of quality patient care.  

To accommodate patient volumes, patients have been placed in the pediatric department, treated in C-section rooms, or cared for in classrooms. Because of sustained higher volumes, NICU patients have been diverted to other hospitals more frequently during the past two years than at any other time.

Additionally, our delivering mothers are faced with the highest number of deliveries per room at Utah Valley Regional than in any other hospital in the system. Antepartum patients (those mothers who are in active labor many weeks too early) sometimes occupy labor and delivery beds for weeks at a time, making it difficult to accommodate providers who need to schedule inductions and spontaneous labor patients. 

Included in our strengths as a Level IV NICU and Nursery are Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialties allowing for the referral of more complicated deliveries from other parts of the state to Utah Valley Regional.

The need for more beds in both the NICU and Labor and Delivery is intensified by the tremendous overall growth in our county and the increased referrals from central and southern Utah. Not to mention the more than 13 percent growth expected in the southern part of Utah County during the next ten years.   

Meeting the Needs

To better meet the high standards of a family-centered experience, accommodate projected future growth, and provide patients and providers more effective and efficient options, hospital leadership working in collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare, has developed a plan in three phases to renovate and expand these services in the NICU and Labor and Delivery Services.

Expansion Details

  • ​Construction of nine additional NICU spaces to accommodate equipment, provider and family needs and privacy.
  • NICU grew from 39 to 55 beds, making it the largest NICU in Utah.
  • Construction of nine additional antepartum rooms as well as a nursing station to coordinate and monitor all activities.
  • Addition of Level II Nursery space and storage areas as needed.
  • An Open House for the expanded NICU was held November 22, 2013.

You can Help

This expansion is made possible, in large part, through generous financial contributions of members in the community. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please fill out our brief donation form​.

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