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Orem Community Hospital Nursery Expansion

With 4,260 babies being born at Orem Community Hospital from 2009-2011, the need for a large Level II Nursery was great. Physicians, patients, and staff know it is best to always keep mother and baby together for their greatest physical and emotional well being. The restricted space in the Level II Nursery did not allow for optimum bonding, vital for babies and their families. The culture of Orem and the hospital promote family relationships and with the newly completed expansion those important interactions will stay intact. 

The newly expanded Level II Nursery at Orem Community Hospital will be a boon to Orem and closely surrounding cities that are growing rapidly. 

The expansion of the Level II Nursery provides needed space to allow vital services such as “early lung recruitment” to these tiny patients. The renovation also allows for adequate space for families to bond with their new babies. This has significantly reduced newborn transports to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. The new expansion of the Level II Nursery enhances the family experience at Orem Community Hospital, improves outcomes, and makes the postpartum experience more pleasant for all parties involved.