Cancer Research

Intermountain Healthcare uses state-of-the art cancer treatment techniques and technologies that result in medical outcomes that are significantly better than the national average.

52 Cancer Research Trials

Clinical trials are research studies in which people help doctors find ways to improve health and cancer care. Research studies are done with the consent of the patient to help provide reliable information about clinical interventions for preventing, detecting or treating cancer, or for improving the quality of life for patients who have the disease.

If you have cancer, participating in a clinical trial now could not only help you, but also help save someone in the future. Clinical trials give you access to the latest cutting edge cancer therapies, and treatments are almost always covered by insurance. But most importantly, you’ll be helping others in the future beat their cancer. To learn more about cancer clinical trials, see the Intermountain Cancer Research and Clinical Trials.

Technology That Could Improve Breast Cancer Diagnosis Accuracy

Sometimes breast cancer scans give back false positives. Intermountain Healthcare has tested and now utilizes new 3-d imaging technology to help reduce the chance of that happening.