Heart Technologies

Intermountain's commitment to research leads to expertise in providing the most advanced heart treatment plans and better care options.

Better Results with Proven Heart Rhythm Treatments

Heart arrhythmia issues are common. Luckily, they can almost always be cured. But treatment results are not the same everywhere.

Utilizing proven technology and techniques, one Utah healthcare organization solves arrhythmia problems more often with better results, helping people feel better and live longer. That organization is Intermountain Healthcare.

Just one of the many reasons we’re Utah’s heart care leader.

New Heart Catheter Technology Delivers Better Results

A new magnetic catheter opens up possibilities for heart patients, allowing our heart experts to perform a procedure never before done in the United States: inserting a heart pump during an arrhythmia procedure.

New Methods to Fix Bad Heart Valves

There’s nothing new in using catheters to fix heart problems. What’s new is replacing an entire aortic valve using a catheter. That means a small, inch-wide incision for major heart surgery. Which in turn means a person may be back to their normal activities sooner.

There’s only one Utah healthcare organization qualified to perform this procedure: Intermountain Healthcare. Just one of many reasons we’re Utah’s heart care leader.