About Germ Watch

Why? Tracking germs helps doctors diagnose and treat infections appropriately — and helps parents, caregivers, and educators know what is going around and what to look out for.

How? Our data comes from routine testing done throughout the Intermountain network of hospitals and clinics. It’s always anonymous: we don’t track or share who has an infection, only where our doctors are seeing it.

What? To determine the activity level for a specific germ (high, medium, or low) we compare the current trend in the number of cases of a given germ with trends from previous outbreaks. We also consider how contagious or serious the germ might be.

Who? GermWatch is a service of Intermountain Healthcare. Our GermWatch team works with the Utah Department of Health, the University of Utah Health Care system, and other organizations and clinicians to monitor and manage illness in our communities. Please send feedback to GermWatch@imail.org

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