Patient in the hospital

Medicines & Supplements

For your safety, you will be asked to complete a form that shows all the medicines and supplements you’re taking at home. Please list all prescription and non-prescription medicines, herbal remedies, nutrition supplements or vitamins you’re currently using. If you bring any of these with you from home, please show them to your nurse, who will let you know what you should do with them. For your safety, please take medicines and supplements only as approved by your physician or nurse.

Your medication schedule may differ from your schedule at home. All medications must be ordered by your physician and given or supervised by a nurse.  Please discuss any medication concerns with your nurse or with a hospital pharmacist.

Pain Management

To help you be as comfortable as possible, we’ll ask you rate your pain on a scale of 0 to 10 and then set a goal for pain relief. Your nurse will assist with comfort and medications, and you should expect increased comfort within 30 to 60 minutes. If not, please notify your nurse.

Blood Tests

When blood tests are ordered by your doctor, blood is generally drawn in the early morning.  This ensures the lab results are ready when your doctor comes to see you. To facilitate rapid treatment, your doctor may order blood tests several times a day.

Communication Assistance

Please tell us about special communication needs for you or your family and we will develop a plan to meet them. Interpreters, hearing assistive devices, and word boards are available.

Visiting Hours

Please ask your nurse to help create the best healing environment for you. Your privacy is very important to us, and visiting hours will depend on your needs. If you wish to restrict phone calls or visitors, please tell your nurse.

Staying Connected

Your room offers a telephone, television, and wireless Internet access for your personal laptop. The telephone and a television remote are by your bedside. To dial outside the hospital, first press “9.” You can make long distance calls using a calling card. If you need help with your phone, please ask your nurse or PCA. You are also welcome to use your cell phone in all areas of the hospital except for operating rooms, critical care patient rooms, and emergency departments.

Room Temperature

We want you to be comfortable. Please let your nurse or PCA know if you need extra blankets or a fan.

Discharges or Transfers

Discharges or transfers usually occur in the mornings, with the approval of all of the doctors on your case.  A nurse will meet with you to discuss your plan for discharge, including follow-up treatment, caring for yourself at home, and where to call with questions.

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