Doctor with patient

We encourage your participation in your care. Please feel free to ask questions.

We want to encourage your participation in your care, and we promise it won’t hurt our feelings when you ask questions like those below. In fact, we’ll thank you.

Please feel free to ask . . .

Did you wash your hands?

Everyone who comes in to provide care for you – nurses, doctors, and even friends and family – should wash their hands or use alcohol sanitizer.

Are those my pills?

If you don’t recognize a medication, or think it’s the wrong one, ask if it’s really for you. If it’s new, have the possible side effects described in a way you can understand. Also, tell your caregivers about any allergies or negative reactions you’ve had.

May I ask your name?

You can expect healthcare workers to wear badges and introduce themselves. If you’re unsure about who’s caring for you, we hope you’ll ask.

Do you know who I am?

Nurses, doctors and other caregivers should check your identity and call you by name before they give you medication, treatment or draw your blood. Show your wristband. Speak up if you think a caregiver has confused you with someone else.

Have you met my sister?

If you’re at all nervous or embarrassed to ask a question or raise a concern, sometimes a family member or designated spokesperson can do it for you. We’re happy to hear from them too.

Stop. Have you marked my procedure site?

It’s our practice to use a pen to mark the part of your body where the procedure or surgery will be done. We’ll also double check and discuss the site with you.

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