Developing the Hospital of the Future

Alta View Hospital is the launch site for cutting-edge solutions developed by the Intermountain Transformation Lab to transform the way Intermountain Healthcare provides care in the hospital of the future.  The goal is to radically rethink the layout and experience of hospital care.

Several patient rooms on the Acute Care Unit have been designated as the testing ground for new technologies and innovations. The first ideas on the table include:
  • A more spacious and comfortable layout that is also more efficient for caregivers.
  • Better communication tools. This may include a handheld device such as a tablet or a large display mounted on the wall. Using these simple tools patients will be able to make entertainment choices, see what’s for dinner, control the lights and temperature in their room, talk with their nurse, do patient education, or open a video communication link to family at home or to a medical interpreter.
  • A quieter room. We’re considering everything from special ceiling tiles and insulation to sound-dampening paint.
  • New approaches to clinical charting so that technology completes the task, freeing caregivers to focus on the patient.
Ideas a little farther down the road may include using UV light to clean rooms, digitally displaying a patient’s daily schedule in real-time (including planned physician visits, imaging appointments, and medication schedule), and new medication delivery options.

“One thing that won’t change is the high standard of caregiving at Alta View,” says hospital administrator Bryan Johnson. “Our nurses, aides, techs, and physicians will all provide the same level of personalized care we already give our patients to ensure they don’t even notice we’re testing new technology. They’ll just feel well cared for, comfortable, in control, and confident.”