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What is Prostate Cancer?

The prostate is a gland found only in men and is part of the reproductive system. The prostate is found just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The tube that carries urine (the urethra) runs through the center of the prostate. Cancer occurs when cells grow unregulated. When this happens in the prostate, it is called prostate cancer. 

The Intermountain Team

Our urologists provide diagnosis and comprehensive surgical and medical treatment for many urological conditions, including prostate cancer. We use minimally invasive surgery and cancer treatment techniques involving robotics, laparoscopy, single port surgery (LESS) cryotherapy, and radio frequency ablation.

We offer many diagnostic, supportive, and treatment options for prostate cancer patients including:

Treatment Locations

These services are available at the following facilities:

Service Inter- mountain Medical Center LDS Hospital Alta View Hospital Riverton Hospital
Robotic Assisted Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery
Radiation Therapy
Patient Navigation
Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Conference
Multidisciplinary Treatment Clinic
Clinical Trials

Supportive Services

We also offer many additional services for cancer patients. While these many not be located within each hospital, every Intermountain Healthcare cancer patient has access to these services, regardless of where you have surgery or treatment.

Additional Resources

There are many other reputable organizations that can assist you in your cancer journey.

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