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A cancer diagnosis may cause anxiety, but knowing what you can expect during your treatment shouldn't. At the American Fork Cancer Center, we work one on one with each patient to help them feel prepared and informed about their treatment plan.


The first stage of cancer treatment is discovery. Cancer is often discovered through cancer screenings, or examining abnormalities. Often, further tests are involved to better diagnose and fully understand the cancer and how it is changing. Your physician will explain the results of cancer screenings and tests to you and what treatment plans are possible.


Cancer screenings and detected abnormalities do not necessarily mean you have cancer, or may even be diagnosed with cancer in the future. Frequently, physicians will recommend waiting and watching an abnormality. If cancer is detected, however, your physician will refer you to an oncologist (cancer specialist) who will better help you understand the cancer and possible treatment options.

Treatment Options

The American Fork Cancer Center combines the experience of an entire treatment team, made up of surgical specialists, medical oncologists (chemotherapy specialists), radiation oncologists,  and other specialists, as needed.

Each cancer is unique, so your cancer treatment team focuses on your needs to develop the best possible treatment plan. Your treatment may involve a combination of treatment options, which largely depends on the type of cancer you have and how advanced that cancer may be. Whatever treatment plan is decided upon, you will be involved in the decisions throughout and it will be unique to you and your needs.

Multidisciplinary Clinic

Before cancer treatment begins, you will have the opportunity to visit with each of your care team physicians in a multidisciplinary clinic. This meeting provides you a chance to ask questions and more fully understand your treatment plan, giving you the knowledge and confidence you will need as you move forward.

Sadly, not all cancers are currently treatable. In these situations, some patients may be given palliative care options or be able to participate in clinical trials. 

Whatever your cancer, our caring physicians will work with you so you know what to expect with your personalized treatment.


The American Fork Cancer Center provides ongoing support to our patients, both during and after cancer treatment.

Cancer Rehab

Cancer recovery often involves rehabilitation, which may include counseling, exercise routines and dietary guidelines. Depending on your needs, your rehab team may include social workers, dieticians and exercise rehabilitation specialists.

Exercise Therapy

Regular aerobic exercise and resistance training are important during and after treatment. A physical therapist will help you develop an exercise program to help you return to physical activity and range of motion, which may be reduced during cancer treatment. Exercise is important in helping prevent the recurrence of cancer and to resist other illnesses.

Nutrition Counseling

Proper nutrition, along with regular exercise, plays a key role in the cancer treatment and rehabilitation process. Depending on your needs, a dietician is available to assist patients to develop a more structured nutrition plan. Patients undergoing cancer treatment may experience loss of appetite, which if not carefully treated, may lead to malnutrition. Working with a dietician can help you manage appetite changes and make sure you have the energy you need for your treatments.

Patients sometimes experience changes in weight (either an increase or decrease), during and following cancer treatment. Regular exercise, along with a proper diet, can assist patients as they work through the post-cancer phase.

For more information about what to expect during cancer treatment, please contact the American Fork Cancer Center at (801) 855-4100.
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