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Before Receiving Therapy

The majority of our patients are referred by local physicians. Utah is an open-access state for physical therapy, meaning patients can be self-referred.

An initial evaluation is performed on the first visit to see if physical therapy is the best treatment option for the patient. Other recommendations can be made if therapy is not appropriate.

Prior to receiving therapy and rehabilitation treatments, a patient history form and outcomes questionnaire will need to be filled out. These forms can be emailed or be filled out in the office prior to the visit.

What to Expect at My Appointment

For a new evaluation, patients need to arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to complete paperwork.

What should I bring?

  • Comfortable clothes for the region of the body being treated. For example, shorts would be appropriate for hip and knee conditions. 
  • If applicable, please bring a physician’s referral
  • Reports for x-rays or MRIs. 
  • List of medications.

What will I likely experience?

Manual therapy and therapeutic exercise have proven to be the most effective treatments. During a typical visit, manual therapy will be utilized to improve and maximize joint function. In addition, the patient will be instructed on an exercise program to facilitate healing even outside the clinic.

How long will the appointment likely be?

Our goal is to have the patient in and out of our clinic within 60 minutes.​

Follow-up Appointments

A follow-up appointment will typically be scheduled as patients are leaving the clinic. We typically have the patient follow-up in the clinic one to two times a week, depending on circumstances. In addition, a patient may be instructed on exercises to perform at home and then follow-up after two weeks to monitor their response to the exercises. We average 5-6 visits per condition.​

Frequently Asked Questions

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