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905 North 1000 West
Tremonton, UT 84337

If you have an emergency, please call 911

At Bear River Valley Hospital our greatest concern is treating patients. Our ER doctors and nurses see an average of 15-30 emergency room patients per day. We also have around ten outpatient visits a day. It is our commitment to treat each of our patients with respect and care. Whether a patient comes in with a sore throat or chest pains, we can help with their emergency healthcare. Our emergency department staff is equipped and prepared to handle any patient situation that may present. However, we encourage patients with non-urgent health concerns to visit their family doctor or local Intermountain InstaCare.

Every second counts in a health emergency. When we have a patient that cannot be treated at our hospital, we start their initial care and prepare them for transfer to another facility. The initial emergency healthcare a patient receives in our facility may save their life. Our Level IV trauma center designation allows us to expedite your care if we cannot continue providing for your needs. We have a large helipad for transferring critical care patients to other hospitals.

Designated Stroke Receiving Facility

As a designated stroke receiving facility we work in conjunction with EMS (Emergency Medical Services), ambulances, and stroke treatment centers. While most stroke patients end up in a stroke treatment center for their long term care, many of these patients receive their initial emergency care in a hospital emergency room. When a patient receives care for a stroke quickly, they are less likely to suffer long-lasting effects.

Our stroke receiving designation means that our facility has gone through a process of certification from the Utah Department of Health. When treating stroke patients we follow certain processes and protocols that have been established by this department. We also have a stroke team on staff that is trained specifically to treat stroke patients. This team works together to diagnose, initiate treatment, and transfer the patient to a stroke treatment center where they can receive further care.

Other Services

In order to serve our patients’ needs, our emergency department offers a variety of services that are non-emergency services. Instead of traveling to Logan or Ogden for PICC (Peripherally Inserted Center Catheter) line therapy, local patients can come to our emergency department at Bear River Valley Hospital. Patients often have outpatient therapy done in our department. Outpatient therapy may include IV therapy, dressing changes, and medication administration. Our emergency room also provide WorkMed post-injury workups for those who have been injured at work and D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) physicals.

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