Bear River Valley Hospital

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    Back and Neck Therapy

    With the proper physical therapy and education, many of our patients find relief from back and neck pain.

    Cardiac Rehab

    Cardiac rehabilitation gives patients the confidence they need to get moving after a heart attack or major heart surgery.

    Foot and Ankle Therapy

    Foot and ankle problems can plague anyone. They can occur from sports related injuries, trauma, overuse, lack of proper support, and inappropriate foot wear.

    Hand Therapy

    Accident, injury, chronic pain problems, and even neurological conditions can impair the normal use of your hands.

    Hip Therapy

    Physical therapy can help reduce pain, and improve mobility and flexibility in patients with hip problems.

    Knee Therapy

    At Bear River Valley Hospital, we know that knee pain can affect anyone. Some problems with the knee are due to injury, others are due to things like arthritis.

    Shoulder Therapy

    Shoulder problems are among the most common injuries treated in the Physical Therapy Department at Bear River Valley Hospital.

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