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You have a better chance of beating breast cancer if your doctor finds and treats it early. Regular breast cancer screening is the best way of detecting cancer early. From age 20 to 39, it is recommended that women get a clinical breast exam, performed by a doctor during an office visit, every three years. Starting at age forty, a yearly clinical breast exam is recommended. In addition, women are advised to have a mammogram once a year at this age.

All mammograms at Bear River Valley Hospital are read by specially-trained breast radiologists whose practices are focused on breast care.

Using specialized breast radiologists increases the quality of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment; it's a key indicator of a top-quality breast care program. Practice makes perfect, which is very important in cancer care.

All mammography is digital

Because all mammography is digital, it means images are better and clearer and they can be stored and transferred electronically instead of printed on film. The result is that the images are available instantaneously to the center's highly-trained radiologists and physicians located outside the center can access them easily or recall them later if necessary.

Digital technology presents the clearest image possible in breast imaging. Studies show that digital technology finds more cancers at earlier stages, when the probability of a cure is best.

Digital mammographies are faster

Digital mammography means women who have problems or concerns about breast health can be seen right away. In most cases staff can do an immediate biopsy and that takes away a lot of the wait and worry.

When should you get a screening mammogram?

After an extensive study by Intermountain Healthcare’s Oncology Clinical Program and a panel of preventive experts, Intermountain Healthcare continues to strongly support the American Cancer Society guidelines for early detection of breast cancer.

Present Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

  • Clinical breast exams every 2-3 years starting at age 20 and yearly starting at age 40
  • Yearly mammograms starting at age 40
  • Monthly self breast exams starting at age 20

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To make an appointment for a screening mammogram, please call (435) 207-4555.

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