Our inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation clinic is located inside Cassia Regional Medical Center in Burley, Idaho. We serve all of Minidoka and Cassia counties, and our team includes specialists licen...


Cassia Rehab is a large inpatient/outpatient clinic 



Our Therapists


Vestibular Disorder Treatment

Do you or a loved one struggle with dizziness, vertigo or balance problems? Troy Anderson, Doctor of Physical Therapy, can help you detect and treat vestibular disorders. For more information about vestibular rehabilitation therapy, or to make an appointment, please contact Troy Anderson, DPT, at (208) 677-6530.

Cardiac Rehab

A program set up for patients that are post MI, CABG, or with stable angina. The patient is set up on an individual exercise program. Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and perceived rate of exertion are monitored before and after each exercise. The patients are on continuous telemetry and monitored in ICU by the nursing staff. Patient receives one-on-one care. Education is also available for our cardiac patients.