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Spring Creek Women's Health provides medical services for a variety of women's healthcare needs, specializing in routine and high-risk pregnancy and delivery. We also offer minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and we specialize in weight loss. In addition, we treat gynecologic issues such as menstrual problems, menopause and urinary incontinence. We are located in Burley, Idaho.

Our physicians and staff make every effort to ensure that we can give you the time and attention needed to understand your health issues. We do all we can to consider your needs. We also recognize that we are educators. At the end of your visit, time will be given to ensure you understand all of your options for your current health needs. You are actively involved in the decision making process regarding your care. We will make every effort to make the most reasonable, cost effective recommendations.

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Spring Creek Women's Health
1408 Pomerelle Ste H 
Burley, Idaho 83318 
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