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Congratulations! Being a parent may be the biggest responsibility in your life, but it can also provide the greatest satisfaction. Cassia Birth Center wants to assist you during this new and exciting time. Our childbirth education offers classes on every phase of childbirth to help you become a better informed and more knowledgeable parent.

Quick Reference

Birth Center: (208) 677-6500
Lactation Consultants: (208) 677-6500
Prenatal Information (208) 677-6500
Education Center: (208) 677-6500 – for prenatal, parenting & children's classes

Early Pregnancy

Designed especially for expectant parents during their first five months of pregnancy, this class features discussions and videos exploring easing common discomforts of pregnancy. Also includes beneficial exercises and nutrition, as well as review normal physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, and fetal growth and development.

Childbirth Preparation

A series of four classes usually taken during the last four months of pregnancy preparing mother and her support companion for labor, birth and postpartum. A broad and flexible range of relaxation, breathing and coaching techniques are also presented. Instructions cover the labor and birth processes and the role of the labor companion and medications. Lectures, videos, physician question, answer sessions and a tour of the Birth Center are provided.

Child Care

This class discusses the unique features of being a teen parent, developing self-esteem and continuing to pursue career goals.

Parent Refresher

A class for mother and her support companion, which reviews all that is covered in childbirth preparation. This class is designed for those who have taken prepared childbirth classes with a previous pregnancy and want a review.

Infant CPR

This class is offered for new or expectant parents. Lifesaving skills are taught by a certified CPR instructor and infant safety will also be discussed. Certification of adult CPR is not included in this class.


Offers breast-feeding information and support to expectant parents. This course is taught by a lactation educator. Topics include physical and emotional preparation, getting started, common problems and solutions, family adjustments, breast structure and functions and nutrition.

A follow-up class will be scheduled with class participants to discuss breast-feeding management, collecting and storing breast milk, pump information, weaning, introduction of solid foods and questions and answers.

Pregnancy Exercise Class

Designed especially for pregnant women, featuring exercise routines to help increase energy level, mood and maintain muscle tone and strength.

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