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Jubilee Home II

The following gracious and heartfelt words reflect the blessings you’ve brought to others. Because of your generosity and compassion, on October 27, 2008 the Layton P. and Betty J. Ott Jubilee Home II welcomed its first residents, providing comfort and care in our hospital’s newest home-away-from-home for critically ill patients and their loved ones.

Please take a moment to accept their gratitude…

"I can’t begin to tell you how much Jubilee Home II meant to us. When my friend had her heart attack here in rural Nevada, I needed to be with her as she had no family for miles. First they took her by ambulance 15 miles to Panaca, and then Life Flighted her to Dixie Regional. Meanwhile I dropped everything and drove the two-plus hour distance to St. George to join her. When I arrived she was in critical condition in ICU. To be able to be by her side meant everything to her and her family. Being so close to the River Road hospital, Jubilee Home II provided me both peace and solace—a chance to gather my thoughts and restore my strength as I stayed by friend’s side throughout her ordeal. Our deepest gratitude goes to all who made that home possible. It’s really something priceless—precious refuge in some of life’s darkest moments."

 ~ Vicki Gustafson, Caliente NV

"Having traveled frequently from Fredonia to the hospital’s Cancer Center for treatments and now, for care for my broken foot, I’ve had the opportunity to stay at both Jubilee Homes. Each has its own personality, and each is a Godsend. Staying so close to care, not having to travel back and forth from home, has made the almost impossible to bear bearable. With my mobility and general health so challenged, I’ve found the new Jubilee Home a real uplifting, healing experience—something I haven’t had in quite a while. Thank you so much for this wonderful “home away from home.”

~ Danny Washburn, Fredonia AZ

"When we brought my mom down from Cedar City to the hospital, neither my dad nor I knew how we’d fare going back and forth everyday in the snow, dealing with the challenging driving. Since my dad can’t drive I really needed to find a way for both of us to stay close by during mom’s ordeal. Jubilee Home was the answer— great accommodations that minimized logistic challenges. Mom’s now doing well and soon to be released. And while we were here, it was great to meet with Jo Collester—some one who made this home possible—and express how grateful we were to everyone. Jubilee Home II made a real difference for all of us."

~ Eric and Dennis Bauer, Cedar City UT

"Since that “opening day,” Jubilee Home II has abundantly continued its embrace of those in crisis. “I see people every day who have a seriously ill or injured loved one,” says Colleen Terrill, Dixie Regional’s Hospitality and Jubilee Homes Manager. “Times like these often bring them face to face with tremendous financial and emotional burdens. To be able to meet their real physical needs and offer a place for emotional healing is gratifying beyond words. And so humbling—because our incredibly generous community made it all possible.”

We hope you’ll take their words—and ours—to heart. We hope you’ll take pride in the gift you’ve brought to those in times of their greatest need. On behalf of Vickie, Danny, Eric and Dennis and the countless others who’ve found peaceful rest and close comfort in our Jubilee Homes over the years—we send our deepest appreciation from our hearts to yours.

 Sincerely, Berniece P. Godfrey
Chairman, Jubilee Home II Advisory Board