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Life Flight

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Life Flight

Because of you and generosity like yours, the campaign to raise $2.3 million to help bring Life Flight helicopter to Dixie Regional has soared to success! Thank you.

Because of you…

  • Southern Utah and the surrounding region will have the most rapid response available—to medical emergencies, accident scenes, search and rescue efforts, and patient transports between medical facilities
  • Our most vulnerable children and fragile newborns will have access to state-of-the-art pediatric and neonatal transport teams…a true blessing, as 50% of all Life Flight transports involve children
  • Dixie Regional’s ability for emergency response will be elevated to that found only in major metropolitan areas— saving time and saving lives

Because of you…joining hands with us, incredible dreams will come true. Lifesaving care comes ever closer to home…and healthy futures will be possible for so many.

 Please accept our deepest gratitude for your support—past, present and future—and your generous, compassionate hand in making this all possible.

 ATV accident victim Justin Morgan and wife Debbie Preemie Baby Jane with compromised heart and lungs  Snake-bite victim Cassie Robinson of Washington City  Heart attack victim Robb Hoover with granddaughter Amelia

From sudden cardiac events and recreational accidents… to injuries from Utah backcountry dangers and the most fragile lives hanging in the balance at birth…For each in time of need, Life Flight was there. Because of Life Flight, they’re with us today.