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I love people—and I love doing things for people. It’s what keeps me going – and, so many people tell me, makes me seem younger than my 77 years.

I was feeling a little sluggish and out of sorts—but little did I know until a nuclear stress test a couple of years ago just how serious things were. I had 94% blockage in main return artery to the heart and 77% blockage in another. Two stents were implanted immediately, and now—along with regular cardiac check-ups—I’m feeling great in the heart department.

If I had delayed care, things could have gotten far more serious. But I’m so thankful I didn’t. And I’m grateful I got my care at Dixie Regional. Everyone made me feel I was the most important person in their day. If ever needed—it’s my wish for you as well.

Thank you for your past support of our hospital. Your gifts to Dixie Regional Medical Center make a difference—a huge difference—in the quality of care available, right here at home.

Our hospital’s J. L. Sorenson Heart and Lung Center is simply one of the nation’s best. In fact, Dixie Regional Medical Center was recently named one of the Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals in the nation.

But it takes all of us to keep it that way. That’s why Norma and I support our hospital with our resources, time and skills.

Jim & Norma Wilbur


 Dreher Couple

The Dreher's would be the first to admit they knew little about the quality of healthcare at Dixie Regional when they made Utah's Dixie their new home. But that changed abruptly for them in 2006. Though he'd had no prior health issues, Jim Dreher suddenly experienced cardiac arrest, twice, in their Santa Clara home—and he became Dixie Regional's open heart surgery patient No. 998. During his recovery from quintuple bypass, both Jim and his wife Deborah marveled at the compassionate care they received.

Today, the Dreher's are generous hospital benefactors who want to help ensure Dixie stays on the leading edge of healthcare. After generously purchasing a designer tree during the 2011 Jubilee of Trees—the proceeds from which support major services at the hospital—the Dreher's generously gifted the tree back to the hospital for public display so it could bring delight, hope and wonder to all who passed by.

Little girl smiling

Though a happy and healthy 2½-year-old today, Jayda Blake was born at 26 weeks, 5 days weighing just 1 lb 9 oz.—and with an intestinal blockage that meant she couldn't eat actual breast milk. And she wouldn't be able to until after corrective surgery. After two months in Dixie's Newborn Intensive Care (NICU) and reaching a goal weight of 3.5 pounds, Jayda underwent that surgery––and took her first few drops of breast milk on her mother Ashley's birthday.

"Getting her to learn how to nurse and regulating her breathing were just some of the wonderful things Dixie's NICU did for Jayda," Ashley said. "Not many people ever imagine their baby ending up in the NICU. But if that happens, they'll find at Dixie, you're not a number––you're a person. A lot of people think the bigger the hospital, the better the care––which isn't necessarily true. Dixie's patient centered care provided exactly what my daughter needed to grow and thrive. And it provided me a nurturing, caring environment as well."

Parents with baby

An incredibly fragile preemie, Korbyn Taylor Melling arrived last November 13 weeks prematurely and weighing less than one pound. As one of Dixie Regional's tiniest-ever patients in its Newborn Intensive Care (NICU), he clung precariously to life for 126 days in NICU as the compassionate hands of highly-skilled neonatal doctors, nurses and technicians delivered around-the-clock lifesaving care.

Each day, as Korbyn's life hung in the balance, his parents Laura and Clint stayed close by, thanks to Jubilee Home I. One of Dixie Regional's two charitable lodging facilities for patients and their families who require critical care, Jubilee Home I afforded the Melling's safe and comfortable accommodations and close proximity to the hospital. Conveniently located adjacent to Dixie's NICU on the 400 East campus, Jubilee Home I meant they could stay close by during those four long months to care for and nurture their newborn. The Melling's are thankful beyond words for Jubilee Home. Because of the compassionate service it provided and the outstanding care given their preemie, Korbyn went home healthy, happy and thriving.