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Lung and Oxygen Tests


Lung Function Test

The aim of the lung function test is to measure lung volume and the size and flexibility of the airways by simply blowing into a spirometer linked to a computer.

Oxygen Level Test

An oxygen saturation probe is a device used in hospitals to measure the level of oxygen in the blood. This is an excellent measure of how well the lungs are performing in the transporting of oxygen from the lungs to the blood supply.

The test consists of placing a clip over a finger tip. A light inside the clip shines through the fingernail where there are very small blood vessels. The light consists of two wavelengths, one of which measures the hemoglobin in the blood with oxygen attached, the other wavelength measures hemoglobin with no oxygen attached to it. Within a few seconds it calculates to show what percentage of hemoglobin cells are oxygenated.

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