Nutrition For Wellness

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Creating a healthy diet for your family

Good nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle, and a nutrition for wellness coaching session can help accomplish that goal. Our registered dietitian is here to help you make healthy choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise.
Some of the things you’ll learn in our nutrition coaching sessions:
  • How to plan healthy menus
  • How to shop with nutrition in mind
  • Customized nutrition plan to help you reach your optimal health and fitness level
  • How to pick foods that have a lower impact on the environment
Our goal is to help you maximize your health. Coaching sessions do not require a referral from a physician and can be arranged directly with the dietitian. 

Arrangements can also be made for on-site counseling with small groups. All information is evidenced–based and personalized to meet your individual needs and goals.

Community Wellness services are also available and include:

  • Menu approval for public facilities such as care centers, health agencies and schools
  • Grocery store tours to give hands on experience at finding healthy foods in the grocery aisles
  • Presentations for small groups on topics such as women’s health, shopping for health, etc. 
  • Support groups: Celiac Disease, Surgical Weight Loss