Team Sponsorship Opportunities

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At Acceleration, our goal is to take your team’s athletic ability to the next level by helping them run faster, jump higher, and become more agile than their competition. We use scientifically proven training methods and licensed exercise physiologists to help your team unlevel the playing field.
You’re invited to attend a FREE open house at our Acceleration gym to see what we’re talking about. The one hour open house includes:
  • 20 minutes of orientation on the Acceleration program and a tour of our facilities
  • 40 minutes of FREE professional instruction for athletes, including performance testing and/or small sample workouts

How to get a Team Donation from Acceleration:

  • If 7-15 athletes attend the open house with a parent, we’ll make a $100 donation to your team
  • If 16-25 athletes attend with their parents, we’ll make a $200 donation
  • If you add our logo to your team shirts, we’ll make an additional $100 donation.

That's a total of $300 possible for your team!

Who is eligible for a sponsorship? Any athletic team from any sport with athletes ages 10 and older is eligible for a sponsorship.

Open houses must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Please invite all coaches, athletes, and their parents to attend.
For more details or to schedule your open house, please contact:

Team Training Options

After the open house, your team is invited to sign up for ongoing Acceleration training. We offer special training discounts for teams. Training together as teammates has been proven to improve your overall team performance and move all the athletes up to the next level. Talk to our staff at the open house to learn more.