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Physical therapy is a big part of the success of The Joint Replacement Center.

The Joint Center dining room features a professional chef and penthouse views.

The Joint Center also boasts a state-of-the-art physical therapy gym.

The gym includes a half car and a bathtub so that patients can practice getting in and out of each safely.

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Joint Replacement Center
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We pride ourselves on providing excellent medical care and personalized attention. Here are a few of the services that set the Joint Replacement Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center apart from other hospitals.

Pre-Surgery Education

Our goal is to make sure you understand exactly what to expect from your surgery and your subsequent recovery. To that end, all our patients scheduled for hip or knee replacement surgery are required to enroll in an education class or complete a visit at our Surgical Assessment Center (SAC) (based on their doctor's recommendation) where they will receive needed information from members of our joint replacement care team. Details of the surgery, hospitalization activities, exercises, and discharge plans are explained. We encourage an open discussion in which you are able to have all of your questions answered. We ask each patient to select a relative or friend to act as their recovery coach. The recovery coach should come to the class or SAC appointment with the patient to learn how they can help before, during, and after hospitalization.

The class or Surgical Assessment Center appointment, which is for the patient and their families, should be scheduled two weeks prior to surgery. Schedule your class by calling (435) 251-1633. Your Surgical Assessment Center appointment will be scheduled through your surgeon's office.

Infection Prevention

While infection rates from joint-replacement surgery are low, it is a concern. That’s why Dixie Regional has established a system for minimizing the chances of infection. For example, we wear special gear in the operating room to reduce the presence of particles even further, and surgeons wear two pair of gloves. As an additional precaution, patients begin taking antibiotics even before surgery begins. We also ask all patients to shower with special antibacterial soap called Hibiclens® before surgery to remove the bacteria from their skin.

Pain Management

Each patient experiences pain differently. That’s why we employ a skilled team of anesthesiologists and specialized nurses who work with our surgeons to create a customized plan for controlling each individual’s pain. The team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is committed to providing the right medications in safe but effective doses.

Physical Therapy

With specially trained and very experienced physical therapists, our patients get a great start to recovery. The therapists help patients regain mobility, teach important exercises, help patients walk with an aid such as a walker, and provide education for things like getting in and out of cars and climbing stairs. They are able to provide therapy in a special gym in the joint center that features a car, bathtub, and stairs. Patients enjoy exercising alongside other people who are going through the same thing. Our patients have access to more physical therapy than at many hospitals, which means they can recover faster.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists will help patients safely complete daily activities while also protecting their new joints. Patients will learn ways to dress, shower, and use the restroom safely. The therapists will also recommend tools that can help patients be independent as they recover. We also have a big focus on what you can do at home to avoid falls, such as picking up rugs and removing obstacles. 

Food & Nutrition

Our patients are all encouraged to get out of their beds and head to our penthouse dining room to enjoy delicious meals prepared by our professional chef. Family members are also invited to join the meals. 

Patients also have access to a nutritionist, who can guide them in making good food choices that will help them heal and not interfere with specific medications.

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