Aubrey was in a terrible car accident and initially was told she may never walk again. She left rehab being able to walk assisted by two canes and today doesn't need the canes at all.

Rehabilitation patients and employees will celebrate five years of great patient care

Jess Gomez

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WHAT: Tonight, the Neuro Rehab staff at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray will gather to honor patients during a semi-formal red carpet event. 

The evening’s events will include a red carpet photo walk, catered dinner, music by the Joshua Payne Orchestra and a special program honoring patients who have overcome great challenges to lead normal and active lives. 

“We were wanting to celebrate the past five years and all we’ve accomplished and realized we couldn’t really do that without our patients,” says Brad Zollinger, director of neurosciences at Intermountain Medical Center. “Everything we do here is centered around our patients. They’re the reason why we come to work every day. They are our greatest successes.”

Past patients of the rehab unit who’ve rebounded after rehabilitation everything from a stroke to a traumatic car accident will be available to share their stories with news media.

Intermountain Medical Center’s inpatient neuro rehab is recognized for it’s patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. Since opening in 2007, the department has treated more than 1,700 patients. 

WHEN: 6 pm, Friday, November 16, 2012

WHERE: Intermountain Medical Center Education Auditorium (building 6)

5300 South and State Street, Murray

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