New Outpatient Pediatric Bronchiolitis Clinic Opens

Jess Gomez

 (801) 507-7455


Murray, UT (1/11/2008) — A new outpatient treatment clinic for children with bronchiolitis is now open at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray. The clinic, and a new bronchiolitis treatment protocol implemented at the hospital, allows respiratory therapists, nurses, and physicians to provide more accurate patient assessments and treatment for patients with bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis is a common illness of the respiratory tract caused by an infection that affects the tiny airways, called the bronchioles, that lead to the lungs. As these airways become inflamed, they swell and fill with mucus, making breathing difficult. Bronchiolitis most often affects infants and young children because their small airways can become blocked more easily than those of older kids or adults. It typically occurs during the first two years of life, with peak occurrence at about 3-6 months of age.

The benefits of new protocols being implemented at Intermountain Medical Center include a marked reduction in inappropriate antibiotic and bronchodilator therapy, a reduced need for hospitalization among pediatric patients, and increased patient safety.

"Respiratory therapists, nurses, and physicians are working to provide the highest quality of pediatric service for patients with bronchiolitis at Intermountain Medical Center and are excited to offer this service," says Vrena Flint, director of respiratory therapy at the hospital. "By working together, we can continue to take care of patients with bronchiolitis safely and keep families closer to home."

For questions about the new clinic, please call the respiratory therapy department at Intermountain Medical Center at (801) 507-4080.

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