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The J.L. Sorenson Patient Tower at Intermountain Medical Center

The J.L. Sorenson Patient Tower at Intermountain Medical Center

There's a bit of James LeVoy Sorenson in hospital rooms and intensive care units across the country. Over the course of his storied career in biotechnology, research and medical device development, Jim has earned more than 40 medical patents.

He developed the computerized heart monitor, the first disposable paper surgical mask, the first plastic venous catheter, and the first blood recycling system for trauma and surgical procedures. But that's just a part of the picture.

The Second World War nudged Jim away from medical school and toward a job selling pharmaceuticals to doctors in Salt Lake City. As a side job, he dabbled in real estate - and discovered he had some talent. Soon his real estate endeavors were more lucrative than his sales position.

In 1957, Jim left the pharmaceutical company he worked for and co-founded Deseret Pharmaceutical. Five years later he founded Sorenson Research, where several of his inventions - including the blood recycling system and groundbreaking improvements to the first modern catheter tips - established the company worldwide. He sold the company to Abbott Laboratories in 1980 and went on to establish a diverse family of enterprises ranging from real estate to genetics, all linked by an innovative spirit and an entrepreneurial heritage. The Sorenson family of companies currently includes the Sorenson Group real estate companies, Sorenson Media, Sorensen Genomics, and the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, among others.

Through the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Jim and his family promote charitable, religious, educational, literary, and scientific endeavors. Intermountain Healthcare has been the recipient of numerous donations, including $20 million for Intermountain Medical Center alone. In 2003, the foundation gave $14 million to help build the J. L. Sorenson Heart & Lung Center, a seven-story hospital that will house advanced treatment for cardiac and respiratory patients. The facility includes eight catheterization labs, a complete array of heart/lung diagnostics, and an integrated heart/lung clinic. Then, earlier this year, the foundation gave another $6 million to help build the center's patient tower.

"We are very happy to support the efforts of Intermountain Healthcare in building this marvelous medical complex," Jim says. "There are few organizations like Intermountain Healthcare in the world, and its new flagship Intermountain Medical Center is a world-class facility for all those in need of care."

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