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Established in 2013, the Center for Humanizing Critical Care brings researchers and clinicians together to focus on helping patients and family members make it through life-threatening illnesses and injuries with their humanity intact. Our mission is to transform the way we care for patients and families in intensive care units and during their transition back to normal life.
Sam Brown, MD, lead researcher of the Center for Humanizing Critical Care, explains why the center was created. 

Hospital intensive care units (ICUs) exist to provide medical care to people with devastating diseases that threaten life, but they have not historically been user friendly. In the ICU, patients and their families face issues that are unfamiliar, overwhelming and often terrifying. Sometimes they are confronted with the possibility of death or new disability.

We recognize how stressful a life-threatening illness can be to both patients and family members, and that people process information and make decisions in different ways. At the Center, we are performing research and developing tools that can be customized to the needs of individual patients and families. We engage in multidisciplinary research to better understand and improve the outcomes that matter most to patients and their families.

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