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One goal of the surgical center is to coordinate all the services patients receive, which results in the best possible care delivered as efficiently as possible.

Some of the elements that help the center's staff coordinate all the aspects of your care:

The nursing staff is always tracking and in touch with the patient, making sure that the process of care runs smoothly and efficiently for each patient. No waiting is the goal. Your care team makes sure you get what you need, when you need it.

Services are coordinated to increase quality and efficiency. Patient preparation, surgery, and recovery all take place in the same area. The laboratory and the pharmacy are right next door, which improves the speed of lab tests and medication orders.

Digital diagnostic radiological studies, which are more accurate and faster to process than traditional scans that are printed on film, are available to doctors and nurses during surgical procedures.

The size and design of the surgical center enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the staff.

The center includes:

  • 12 patient prep rooms
  • 8 operating suites
  • 13 post-anesthesia care bays (where patients initially wake up after surgery)
  • 14 post-op recovery bays, (where family members can sit with patients until they're ready to go home)

The proximity of the rooms means patients can be monitored quickly and continuously while they recover.

A wide variety of procedures are performed in the surgical center. Many are laparoscopic, a kind of surgery that uses tiny incisions and fiber optics to perform procedures that are much less invasive than traditional surgery. Laproscopic procedures include certain orthopedics, gall bladder, hernia repair, tubal ligations, appendectomy, and carpal tunnel procedures, among others.

Physicians who maintain offices in the Eccles Outpatient Care Center work in the surgical center, along with physicians who office elsewhere.

Your loved ones also get special care at the Eccles Outpatient Care Center. While you are receiving treatment, families can wait in one of six private family consultation rooms. In this room they can talk, meet with doctors and other medical personnel, use the telephone, computer, and television; or simply rest, write letters, read or eat. Family rooms are also conveniently located near the retail pharmacy and refreshments are available for families.

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