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Everyone responds differently to cancer treatment and survivorship. In the Moving Forward Clinic, we can help with unforeseen challenges that may arise after treatment. The clinic is staffed with a nurse practitioner and a social worker who can assist you in wrapping up any loose ends for your cancer treatment. During your visit, we will cover the following:

  • Treatment Summary: Complete summary of all treatment received, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for your records. 
  • Side Effect Management: Provide education and self-management techniques for lingering side effects. 
  • Late Effects: Some effects from treatment don’t appear until months or years down the road. We can provide education and self-management techniques for those effects. 
  • Surveillance Plan: The recommended timing for follow up tests based on your cancer type. 
  • Monitoring for second cancers 
  • Contraindications: If, based on your treatment, there are any medications or treatments you shouldn’t have, we’ll let you know. 
  • Distress Measurement: We will guide you through a self assessment tool to determine your distress level and help you find help as needed. 
  • Education: We will continue to help you understand and learn about your cancer. 
  • Community Referral: We can help locate community resources to meet your needs. 
  • Emotional Challenges: Completing cancer treatment can be a difficult transition. We can assist you with any challenges you may experience.

The Moving Forward Clinic is located in the Jon and Karen Huntsman Cancer Center at Intermountain Medical Center.

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