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The Schmidt Chest Clinic is a center of ongoing research and clinical trials, providing patients with the newest and most effective treatments possible.

Research projects include:

  • A current project at the Schmidt Chest Clinic focuses on community-acquired pneumonia, encompassing outcomes research, process of care improvement, and a randomized, controlled trial of a new therapy for severe disease. Researchers are currently developing an outpatient decision support tool to guide triage, antibiotic prescribing, and ordering of cultures.
  • The Pulmonary Hypertension Center of Excellence in the Schmidt Chest Clinic is very active in research, contributing to the collection of data, the analysis of data, and the presentation and publication of data from the largest registry of pulmonary hypertension patients in the world. Physicians collaborate in multicenter clinical trials of new treatments for pulmonary hypertension and describe the successful application of novel approaches for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Physicians at the clinic have advanced an understanding of the genetics of pulmonary hypertension, leading to a revision of the 2003 world diagnostic classification of pulmonary hypertension, and have described critical relationships between the genotype (genes) of patients with pulmonary hypertension and the phenotype (the way that pulmonary hypertension manifests in patients).
    Our current research proposals are leading edge, and address the relationship between known genetic mutations and reversal of pulmonary hypertension and the discovery of new genes, which will guide the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.
  • Our Interstitial Lung Disease specialists collaborate with physicians at the University of Utah to identify pulmonary fibrosis patients for participation in “Genetics of IPF” registry, enrolling eligible pulmonary fibrosis patients in IPFnet and enrolling patients in the Ambrisentan clinical trial. Researchers are also tracking outcomes of critically ill H1N1 influenza patients and working on Inpatient Medical Emergency Team (MET) quality improvement.
  • The Asthma group in the Schmidt Chest Clinic is focused on patient-centered clinical research. Researchers investigate the pathophysiology of asthma (what’s causing the symptoms), as well as ways of improving the quality of treatment for this common and life threatening disease. Researchers collect data and analyze it to evaluate the risk factors leading to severe asthma as well as the effect of treatments, both medical and environmental, on the incidence and mortality associated with asthma.
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