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Schmidt Chest Clinic
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Several staff members of the Schmidt Chest Clinic focus their attention solely on those patients with acute symptoms who are admitted to the Respiratory and Shock-Trauma Intensive Care Units (ICUs) at Intermountain Medical Center, as well as the Medical-Surgical ICU at LDS Hospital. The trained nurses, therapists and physicians at these centers provide the highest quality service around the clock.


  • Medical-Surgical ICU - The Schmidt Chest Clinic - Intermountain Medical Center - Murray, UT

    Medical-Surgical ICU

    A team of highly-qualified specialists, nurses and advanced practitioners care for all critically-ill patients, with the exception of high-level trauma, neurological or cardiac patients requiring invasive procedures.

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    1. We have special expertise in sepsis, severe pulmonary disease and patients needing invasive airway procedures;
    2. MSICU is a highly collaborative environment in which all care options are reviewed and consolidated into a plan of action for each day and for the promotion of long-term patient goals;
    3. The MSICU is internationally recognized for its high level quality of care, safety program, for its ability to introduce new, effective care concepts to the bedside and for being innovative in introducing new cutting edge methods of care in a safe, effective, efficient manner;
    4. The MSICU has a productive educational and clinical research mission. The unit leaders are active in presenting, mentoring and coaching others locally, nationally and internationally and in successfully spreading quality and safety concepts to other institutions and providers.
  • Respiratory ICU - The Schmidt Chest Clinic - Intermountain Medical Center - Murray, UT

    Respiratory ICU

    The Respiratory ICU delivers high-quality, exceptional care of patients with severe acute and chronic lung disease in the only intensive care unit in the Intermountain region dedicated solely to care of respiratory disease.

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    1. The RICU is a participating center for international, national, and local research focused on early activity, optimal use of sedation, appropriate care of influenza patients, and new interventions for patients with acute respiratory failure.
    2. The RICU provides integrated care guided by a pulmonary physician and nurse practitioner, with input from bedside nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, social workers, and respiratory and physical therapists.
  • Shock-Trauma ICU - The Schmidt Chest Clinic - Intermountain Medical Center - Murray, UT

    Shock-Trauma ICU

    The Shock/Trauma ICU (STICU) cares for a variety of critically-ill patients including trauma, surgical and medical patients.

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    1. The difficult problems include traumatic brain injury, overwhelming infections (sepsis), transplant, and patients with acute lung injury. Attending physicians have expertise in surgical critical care, pulmonary critical care and pediatric/adult critical care. 
    2. The unit emphasizes physician, nurse and advanced practitioner education. Medical students, residents and fellows help in the care of patients and create a learning environment.
    3. Clinical research projects are an important part of the STICU. Our current research projects include timing of feeding in patients with acute lung injury, Echocardiograph evaluation of heart function in patients with septic shock and evaluation of new techniques of ventilator management in patients with respiratory failure. 
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