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Emergency Room
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An estimated 66,658 patients will come to Intermountain Medical Center's emergency room next year and here's what they'll find when they arrive.

The ER includes four separate services

The innovative design of the ER includes four separate stations for patients who are facing different types of emergencies. This design will result in faster service and better care.

The Roy W. and Elizabeth E. Simmons Trauma and Emergency Center at the new Intermountain Medical Center is on the first floor of the J. L. Sorenson Patient Tower. The entrance is on the east side of the hospital's campus. This is the only major service accessible from State Street.

The four stations are:

  • Flex Care is located just off the waiting room. This station is for patients with the lowest level emergencies who are able to either drive themselves in or have someone bring them to the hospital. Flex Care staff will attend to patients who have concussions, need stitches, or other medical issues that can be quickly treated.
  • Acute Care is for patients who require more extensive treatment, like setting broken bones as well as other more serious injuries and ailments.
  • Trauma and EMS Care is located at a different entrance and is exclusively for patients who arrive by ambulance or Life Flight helicopter. Instead of the helicopter landing on top of the building, it will now be landing just yards away from Intermountain Medical Center's emergency room/trauma center door. This same door sits just inches away from a special elevator used to get critical patients into surgery within moments of entering the building. This life saving area houses four special trauma bays for the most critical patients, with designated teams to cater to their urgent needs.
  • Emergency Decision Unit is for patients who require more lengthy diagnosis and treatment, which typically causes slowdowns in an emergency room. These patients are monitored for a diagnosis that takes over three hours but less than 24.

Some of the other features in Intermountain Medical Center's ER

  • The hospital has a special hallway just for employees and patients. This allows employees to rush to an emergency or speed down the hall with a bedridden patient faster. This also allows patients to have more privacy when they're moving from one area to another.
  • The ER has a separate entrance for hazardous materials decontamination teams as well as a chemical isolation room for hazmat emergencies.
  • The ER is well-equipped to handle psychiatric emergencies, with two specially-designed rooms that provide for 24/7 patient monitoring.
  • All ER beds and bays are designed for easy access, continual monitoring, and patient privacy protection.
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