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In our emergency department we provide care for the most acute cases; severely injured and critically ill patients, as well as complicated cases or special circumstances that require extensive medical care.

The Roy W. and Elizabeth E. Simmons Trauma and Emergency Center, located in the  J.L. Sorenson Patient Tower, is strategically designed so the very best care can be provided to acute patients.  

Getting Here

The entrance to the Emergency Department is located on the east side of the campus off of State Street, near Costco.

We commit to providing the best possible service and quality care to each and every resident of the state of Utah and the Intermountain west who arrives at our hospital in need of treatment.

Contact the Emergency Department: (801) 507-6600

  • Emergency and Trauma

    Emergency & Critical Care

    Choose where your call will go, and get to the right person faster: Emergency Department: (801) 507-6600

    Emergency Department
    Our full service Emergency Department is located on the first floor of the patient tower with the entrance on the east side of the hospital's campus.
    Hyperbaric Chamber
    The hyperbaric medicine program at Intermountain Medical Center offers expanded capacities to patients in need.
    (801) 408-3623 LDS Hospital Hyperbaric Services
    (801) 507-5370 Intermountain Medical Center Hyperbaric Services
    Life Flight
    Intermountain Life Flight's new home base means faster service and better care for patients who need a "mobile" intensive care unit.
    (801) 321-1234 Dispatch Telephone
    (801) 321-3330 Operation Center Telephone
    (801) 321-3327 Fax
    The inpatient Neuro Specialty Rehab Unit is located within a level I trauma center with access to all the services within the hospital. Physicians are available 24/7.
    (801) 507-1299 Rehabilitation Administration
    (801) 507-1200 Inpatient Neuro Specialty Rehab Unit
    (801) 507-1285 Administration FAX
    Shock Trauma & Respiratory ICU
    This unique and nationally recognized intensive care unit cares for severely traumatized and critically ill patients referred throughout the Intermountain West.
    Trauma Care
    Critically-ill and injured patients have immediate access to a specially-designed, specially-equipped trauma center, staffed by an experienced trauma team.
    Stroke Care
    If you're having a stroke, you need help immediately. The faster you get to the emergency department, the less chance you have of lasting injury to your brain.
  • Intermountain InstaCare

    For urgent but not life-threatening care, consider visiting an InstaCare instead of the emergency department. No appointments are needed and wait times are usually shorter.

    Reserve your place in line at the clinic before you go

    Your wait time can now be spent in transit, or in the comfort of your home.​ Just pick the InstaCare you plan to visit from the list below and call to find out their current wait time and get in line.


    What is InstaCare?
    Intermountain InstaCare clinics offer walk-in service for urgent — but not life-threatening — injuries and illnesses including sore throats, minor accidents, broken bones, ear infections, and more.

    InstaCare clinics are a faster and less expensive alternative to your hospital’s emergency department.

    If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, severe headache, dizziness, or if you have been in a car accident or have a head injury, call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency department. Also, if you are experiencing any signs of stroke such as sudden balance or coordination problems, any sudden change in your vision, any sudden facial droop, speech problems, or arm or leg weakness, call 911 immediately.

    Murray InstaCare
    (801) 639-5500Monday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

    196 East Winchester Street
    Murray, UT 84107
    Holladay InstaCare
    (801) 871-6400Monday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
    Holiday hours may vary.

    6272 South Highland Drive
    Murray, Utah 84121
    All Other Locations
    We have convient InstaCare locations all over Utah, including nine in Salt Lake County.
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