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Custom mini-in-the-ear hearing aid

Mini behind-the-ear hearing aid

Custom completely-in-the-canal hearing aid

Custom completely-in-the-canal hearing aid

a. Hearing aid; b. remote control; c. phone clip; d. TV; e. microphone

As independent doctors of audiology, we aren’t obligated to use any particular brand or company of hearing aids. We evaluate all available hearing aid manufacturers’ products and present our patients with the best options to address their individual hearing problems.

We provide our patients with the best technology and prices available and pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. When hearing aids are purchased from our clinic, we’ll provide service (including cleanings and adjustments) for the life of the hearing aid, even after the warranty expires. We want to make sure our patients benefit as much as possible from their investment in better hearing.

We Offer:

  • A one-week free trial period
  • 45-day after-purchase trial period
  • Battery programs
  • Lifetime hearing aid service program (including lifetime cleanings and adjustments)

Hearing Aid Styles:

  • Behind the ear 
  • Receiver in the ear 
  • Custom in the ear
  • Custom mini in the ear
  • Custom completely in the canal
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