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Services at Intermountain Medical Center’s Audiology Clinic

Free Hearing Screenings:

This is a free service provided by our doctors of audiology and consists of a screening of hearing thresholds in the main speech frequency range. Screenings are provided in a sound booth and are preceded by a screening for the presence of wax and a discussion of each patient’s hearing health history. A hearing screening appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.

Comprehensive Audiometric Exams:

This service consists of a complete hearing threshold finding across the entire hearing frequency range. It will determine the amount and type of hearing loss. It includes other tests that measure hearing in quiet and noisy backgrounds to determine how well an individual hears spoken language. Tympanometry, a test that evaluates the ear drum and middle ear space, may also be performed.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Services:

When hearing aids are purchased from our clinic, we’ll provide service (including cleanings and adjustments) for the life of the hearing aid, even after the warranty expires). We want to make sure our patients benefit as much as possible from their investment in better hearing.

Assistive Listening Device Fitting:

There are many devices in addition to a hearing aid that will assist in everyday communication for those with hearing problems. These devices can work when you’re on the telephone, watching television, at a movie theater, at church, etc. There are also other devices that can help you hear doorbells and alarm clocks.

Specialty Earmolds:

We can make earmolds for almost any need available. This includes earmolds for hearing aids, iPod use, hearing protection (for hunting, concerts, and other loud environments), and musician’s earmolds. Some earmolds can be made in-house for a lower cost.

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