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For the 2014 My Heart Challenge, Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute is Seeking Firefighters throughout the Salt Lake Valley


The Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute is looking for a few good firefighters to participate in the 2014 My Heart Challenge.

The annual My Heart Challenge, sponsored by the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray, is a 100-day challenge to help contestants from throughout the Salt Lake Valley improve their heart health through lifestyle changes, while allowing them to serve as motivational role models to their colleagues and others in the community.

Last year, school principals from the Salt Lake Valley were the contestant, and the year before it was mayors. This year, it will be firefighters competing to see who can improve their heart health the most, and take home the title as champion of the 2014 My Heart Challenge.

The application process opened this week. Firefighters from any agency in the Salt Lake Valley are eligible to participate. About 15 firefighters will be selected for the challenge.

In 2012, 12 elected official from the Salt Lake Valley competed in the inaugural My Heart Challenge, losing a combined total of 180 pounds and setting a great example of healthier living for all their constituents. Last year, 15 school principals went head-to-head in the same challenge, and brought many of their students along the path to nutritious eating and an active lifestyle.

Like elected officials, school principals, and many others, fire fighters may exhibit some of the same risk factors for heart disease – high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol levels. The goal of the My Heart Challenge is to help the men and women of fire departments in Salt Lake County identify contributors to those risk factors and make lifestyle adjustments that will help reduce their risk.

The winner is decided by calculating improvements in health information, such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc., which is collected at the start and conclusion of the 100-day challenge. The contestant with the most improved score is declared the winner. Each contestant will be required to submit a weekly journal of activities. The information from the journals will be shared with anyone from the public who is interested in tracking the healthy decisions or challenges of the 2014 participants.

The application process is open through February 3. The 15 selected competitors will be announced in mid-February. The 2014 My Heart Challenge kicks off at Intermountain Medical Center on March 13.

Application Now Closed

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