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Overview of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer affects both men and women. More people die from lung cancer every year than any other type of cancer, and over 200,000 patients are newly diagnosed with lung cancer each year.

Over 80% of lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoking. The longer someone has smoked and the more cigarettes smoked each day increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Other risk factors for lung cancer include asbestos exposure, radon gas, family history of lung cancer, and exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Lung Cancer In Depth

Learn more about cancer from Intermountain's Patient Education Library:

Treatments for Lung Cancer at Intermountain Heart Institute

  • Lung Resection

    Our heart & lung surgeons perform surgical removal of lung cancer, lung resection, which is an important part of treatment, especially when the cancer is relatively small. Typically, the operation requires removal of the section of the lung containing the cancer, known as lobectomy. Some patients may be candidates for less invasive operations using video cameras and small incisions to reduce discomfort and speed recovery after the operation.

Services and Programs

Services and programs at Intermountain Heart Institute for patients with lung cancer:

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Our Cardiothoracic Surgery program provides all surgeries that are clinically available in the United States – along with high volumes and excellent outcomes.

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