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Overview of Cardiac CT

A cardiac CT scan (also called coronary CT angiogram, or CTA) uses CT technology and intravenous contrast material to create very detailed images of the heart and its blood vessels.

The CT scanner takes many images from different angles by rotating an x-ray tube around the body. The contrast material (a special dye that shows up on x-rays) is injected in a vein. During the test, it highlights the arteries that feed your heart.

Image from a cardiac CT scanA computer uses the information from the X-rays taken to create detailed images. The images can look like thin cross-sections ("slices") of the area being studied, or a 3D mapping like the one shown here.

Patient Instructions

Learn what happens (and what you need to do) before, during, and after cardiac CT:

Where Do I Go?

Cardiac CT is performed on both an inpatient and outpatient basis at Intermountain Medical Center. Outpatient cardiac CT is performed in the Outpatient Radiology Department, Building 2 (Eccles Outpatient Center), Level 2.

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